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Product / Craft / Commercial Design

Arts and Design Criticism

by Yi-Chen Chen 

Yi-Chen Chen Design Portfolio

Design portfolio


Yi-Chen Chen 2018 Industrial Design Portfolio

這本作品集含括 2014-2018 年間的設計作品,包含工業設計領域下的產品與服務設計、工藝設計、商業設計,及為此作品集主題所統一規劃的延伸作品,包含個人簡歷、名片等設計內容。



This portfolio of works includes design projects from 2014-2018, covering industrial design products and service design, craft design, business design, and related works unified under the theme of this portfolio. It also includes personal information such as a resume and business card design.

The overall concept is focused on the "essence of design," presented through simple layout and style to showcase the designer's philosophy of "focusing on the core value of things." Having worked in different fields and industries during 2014-2018, two circles are used to represent the journey in various areas, and a forward straight line represents the continuous pursuit of design creativity in the future. 

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