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Product / Craft / Commercial Design

Arts and Design Criticism

陳怡臻 Yi-Chen Chen



since 1991-

我是  陳怡臻,出生於1991年6月16日(27歲),是一個工業設計師,專注於產品設計的領域,主要於臺北工作。

我在 2018年以 工業設計 專業畢業於 國立臺灣科技大學 設計研究所,主要進行滿足使用者需求的各式 創新產品設計及研發。同時具有多元的工作經歷,除 產品設計需保持的熱情與同理心,亦具 顧問業洗禮後的穩定性與耐心。目前維持規律生活,每個月都規劃學習計劃,以及不同時期的努力目標,以期自己的專業技能持續成長,認為穩固的基礎才能踏實的進步。


My name is Yi-Chen Chen, I'm an industrial designer based in Taipei, Taiwan. 

I graduated from Industrial design of NTUST in 2018, my major specializes in the design of products to satisfy the needs of users, innovative product development, covering a wide variety of industries including craft design, house ware, electronics, accessories, and I also able to do commercial design and criticism.

"Design to me means not only give product a nice look but also included solving problem for people. And sometimes design is a two-way process between designer and customer that designers observe information and transform them into a new suitable. "


Work Experience:

Apr. 2018 - now

Chenbro Micom Co., Ltd. 

- Industrial Designer

-Participated in standard product development:
I had worked for years in standard product design experience about server chassis, include appearance and optimization of internal mechanism design. Making concert with human-computer Interaction design efforts, improving end-user experience.

-Fast ODM Cross-functional Collaboration​:
To achieve alignment, to get insight, or define customer needs; good communication with business unit and team member develop project.

-Product Identity
I have work in Chenbro where I definition the product CMF guideline, improving product reposition and current product quality.

July. 2016 - Oct. 2016

Plan b ( Management Consulting Company )

-Commercial Design Intern

Helping developer to creating concepts and project planning for Center for Innovation Taipei (CIT) , and offering help the group community in CIT.


July. 2013 - Oct.2013

Asia One Design

-Industrial Design Intern



Sep. 2014 - June. 2018

- National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

- Department of Industrial and Commercial Design / Master ( Industrial Design )

‭- ‬Grade ‭: ‬3.96 / 4 GPA

Sep. 2009 - June. 2013

- National Hsinchu University of Education

- Department of Arts and Design / Bachelor ( Craft Design )



- 第21屆中華民國設計學會設計學術研究成果研討會:Presentation

- 設計戰國策:獲獎

- 臺灣國際學生創意設計大賽:入選

- Open HCI 2015人機互動設計工作坊:The OpenHCI Best Award

- 德國紅點概念設計獎:Winner   
  2015年 以" Litte Explorer "兒童玩具設計獲獎

- 工藝新趣:2015工藝新人才入籍計畫



- The 21th Annual Conference of the Chinese Institute of Design / Presentation



- International Design Competition: AWARD

- Taiwan International student Design Competition:  Finalists

- Human-Computer Interaction Design Workshop  ‭: ‬The OpenHCI Best Award

- Red Dot Design Award :  Winner‭   ‬

Litte Explorer (educational toy design)

has been awarded the reddot award: design concept 2015.

- New fun in Crafts: 2015 New Blood of Craftsmen in Research & Development



- PING PONG 乒乓- 設計師聯展 / 設計師
- 臺灣 春 時尚工藝精品展 / 設計師
- 熠藝 - 工藝新趣成果展 / 設計師

- 台灣設計師週 - 向東流:觀音 ( 風箏計畫) / 設計師
- 國立新竹教育大學102級 畢業聯展 - 日月走  / 畢業出版品總負責人
- 新一代設計展 日月走 / 畢業出版品總負責人

Exhibition Experience‮:​


- PING PONG - Designers' Exhibition / Designer

- 臺灣 春 時尚工藝精品展‬/ Designer

- 熠藝 - 工藝新趣成果展 / Designer



- Taiwan Designers' Week '14 - Going To the East : Guan Yin ( Kite Plan) / Designer

- NHCUE 102 Class Exhibition - Wandering  / Leader of Publishing Designer

- Yodex 102 Class Exhibition in Taipei / Leader of Publishing Designer

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