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Arts and Design Criticism

Little Explorer

to learn to embrace nature

Little Explorer 是一組能節省空間的摺疊玩具,能解決兒童遊戲的空間使用效率以及環保問題;使兒童學習擁抱大自然的生物之外,也能使用體恤環境的材料進行遊戲。


The "Little Explorer" solves the problem of spatial inefficiency and environmental protection with a folding module. So that children to learn to embrace nature, but also can use the material compassionate environment for the game.


The stretched cover offers various types of animals light and shadow. The EVA floor is printed in thermochromic ink, when kids touch floor, these different patterns will appear on the floor. And when kids grow up, the meaning to be found in these animal patterns.

Little Explorer


Toy Design


陳怡臻 Chen Yi Chen

​徐嘉駿 Chia Chun Hsu

Design Process

Animal Planet

Learning and Playing with animals

Animal Planet


Toy Design

Animal Planet 是一款以雙重意象(Double image)概念疊合不同比例之動物積木,能讓兒童更加瞭解25隻動物積木中11種台灣原生動物與14種世界動物間的比例關係,在平台上也能與家人自由進行平衡遊戲。


"Animal Planet" is a section of animal bricks with the Dual Images superposed in different proportion, let children know about the animals volume ratio between Taiwan and the world. The platform can also be freely balancing game.


At the same time, when kids combination the brick, It will be an animal bricks ball. The brick have some powerful magnets inside for adsorption, and which can become a child's portable top handle, that the toy can easy to carry and storage. The game itself is a clean up process can encourage children to maintain a clean gaming environment. So that children to learn to embrace nature, but also learn and tidy.

Swing Swing

Flower arrangement with your vase



Vase Design

Product Designer

陳怡臻 Chen Yi Chen

Flower Designer

Yvette Lin



Whether the West or the East, the flower arrangement is looking for a balance of external decoration, or relieve stress. In the process, creators will design the set of form and the balance between plants, In addition to the balance of flowers, I hope to explore the relationship deeply between the flower arrangement creator and the creation.

The "Swing" like a tumbler, it's a tilted vase, people in the process of flower arrangement also need to maintain the balance of the vase, plants and creator. It will be a three-way communication.

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